Going Korean for Dinner


Last night we went into this Korean restaurant at Golden Square, Soho. As much as I am an avid fan of Korean food, it was my first time at Arang despite the fact that I had been passing by into this place  a couple of times.

As you enter its warm premises, the interiors will definitely provide you that partially classy feel. Their Korean tables are also quite unique because at the centre is where you can see that circular cooking space. This is used for grilling Korean barbeques and I think this is also quite common in Korea.

My main order for the night was Jjampong. This is a hot Korean noodle soup mixed with some shrimp, octopus, and some vegetables. The orange coloured soup is a mixture of various ingredients that I am still unfamiliar of up to this day. I am for certain that a voluminous amount of chilli drops are poured into this so it’s absolutely spicy when it comes to this type of food. In addition, it is also really hard to stop eating until you get all of jjampong consumed. The seafood aroma that it comes with can be a little bit daunting at first but I got accustomed from it as a result of the Korean meals that I’ve excitingly tried from several restaurants in the past. Furthermore, the serving of what I ordered was also quite big and because the soup was large, it was a bit filling.

Jjampong at Arang costs £9.90 and that’s not really bad if you compare it to the usual London prices. On the menu, there are still a wide range of options that you can choose from and I think some orders will come with side dishes like the famous Kimchi, which we had anyway.

Arang restaurant also offers a private karaoke area for hire. The restaurant was not fully occupied last night and there were a number of vacant tables  – but then again it was Sunday. It might be busy during the weekdays so when you’re planning of coming here, it’s still really good to do a reservation.

Overall, my experience at Arang last night was great. The food was satisfactory, the prices were acceptable, it has cosy interiors, as well as the service was quick. At Arang, my Sunday dinner was definitely legit!


ARANG (Korean Restaurant)

9 Golden Square, London W1F 9HZ

Tel.no: 0207-434-2073






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