A Taste of China at Tai Pan Oriental

Somewhere around 30 Windsor Street in Uxbridge is where you can find a decent Chinese buffet restaurant named Tai Pan Oriental. For roughly around £15 to £20 (as the prices depend on the day and time), you can enjoy a wide variety of unlimited Chinese food from starters to mains and as well as desserts.

Last night my friends messaged me for dinner after work. Tai Pan Oriental was what they had decided. We haven’t really booked for a table but luck was on our side because as soon as we arrived, the place wasn’t actually that occupied. We were given an hour and a half for dinner which should certainly be enough unless we planned to have some endless conversation on the table.

The food is of a variety. There’s really a cafeteria of choices. To name a few, you can have some seafood from shrimps to creamed scallops, there’s also the fried chicken, egg soups, pork ribs, seaweeds, calamari, fried rice, chop suey as well as for desserts one can have some jelly, fruits, and ice cream. And since it’s a buffet, you can go back to get some more of the food whenever you want.

The restaurant’s service last night was a four over five. It was swift as well as we received a warm welcome from some of the staff. Its spaciousness was reasonable as the distance from one table to the other was should I say acceptable and enough to roam around and to go back and forth to get some food after finishing the first plate. I have also googled the restaurant’s name and it has other branches in the UK. It can also be seen from their website that they also cater to individual ordered meals if one chooses not to avail of their buffet.

Overall, it was a nice experience to break myself from the stress from work. Friday night is not Friday night when one starts to hit the booze hungry. Before hitting the night clubs, our night from Tai Pan Oriental gave us that taste of China which we sometimes crave -a taste that we are always familiar.


Tai Pan Oriental Buffet

Address:  Capital Court, 30 Windsor St., Uxbridge, UB8 1AB

Tel. no: 01895553283



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