Getting “digitally high” with Tycho music

I had the chance to watch and listen to Tycho play their music at the Electric Brixton last week. Tycho is a band that’s famous for its ambient and electric chill  kind of music and that’s paired with some artistic  and “trippy” backgrounds. I tried inviting my friends for the concert but because Tycho plays their music without the lyrics, it definitely was not for everyone. I have to reach out to strangers (who aren’t strangers now at present) on the internet as well as organised a meet up to go with new people who are also going solo for the said event.

Before the band was to perform with the audience, DJ Heathered Pearls started his electronic trance beats. His performance reminded me of my trip to Berlin last year because Berlin for me is a party place and the electronic dance music scene in Berlin is really quite heavy and Heathered Pearls performance was really similar to that.

As soon as Tycho played their intros, the crowd was really turned on and its like each in the audience was setting into that trance state as they listened to the music deeply. If Tycho music is your thing, then you do not have to endure their almost two hours of “music without lyrics”. It’s really about being able to enter into that elated state as you internalise  it because the music just switches those happy hormones from within. I am glad to have experienced their concert in London and I look forward to witnessing more of their music in the future.





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