All Aboard at London’s Sunborn Yacht Hotel

A ship is meant to take you to different places. But this yacht that’s stuck at the Royal Victoria Dock is that one yacht that’s meant to take you to different adventures. The Sunborn Yacht hotel in London is a 4-and-a-half star hotel that offers a unique kind of experience from the rest of the hotels in the city. The entrance from the outside immediately introduces you to a lift which will take you to their third floor reception. The hotel’s lobby will greet you with its elegant staircase and the chandelier just makes your first entrance grand.

What I like about this hotel is the space. In Europe, most of the houses as well as restaurants and other hotels try to maximise their space. Europeans are known for making  the most of it and one example that you’d commonly notice in the cities is that the distance from one table to the other is just too near when in the restaurants. For the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, there’s so much space to move around and the room is no exception to this.

My room was absolutely spacious. The presentation was businesslike with no fancy walls or catchy decorations – just straightforward geometric and practical designs. In other words, it was neat and simple! The room also comes with a balcony and this provides you an endless view of the river Thames. From a far, the commercial skyscrapers of the Cannary Wharf and the O2 arena can also be seen thus still giving you that London feel.

Lands End is the name of the restaurant on the fourth floor and they serve meals like sea bream fillet or tarragon and thyme marinated corn fed chicken breast for the mains to glazed lemon tarts and dark chocolate bavarois for the desserts. To make the most of your dining experience, choose the table near the window so that while eating your lovely meal, you get to enjoy an awesome view of the river Thames and the London skyscrapers at the same time. During summer, outdoor dining on the yacht should possible as there are also tables and chairs from the outside.




Spending the night at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel was a unique experience. It’s definitely a way of escaping London’s hustle and bustle while at the same time still really being in the city geographically.

With the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, ones voyage is truly a different yet awesome and luxurious experience.


Sunburn Yacht hotel

Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Tel. no: 02037148111


***special thanks to my sponsors Raya, George & Raffa. Because of Raffa’s birthday, we were able to celebrate this unique yacht hotel experience.


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